Check out these area dance clubs and associations to broaden your dancing horizons

Milwaukee Rebels (WCS in Milwaukee, WI)
Chicago Rebels (WCS in Chicago, IL)
Chicago West Coast Wednesdays (WCS in Chicago, IL)
Mixology (WCS and more in Milwaukee, WI)
Swingesota (WCS in Minneapolis, MN)
Twin City Rebels (WCS in Minneapolis, MN)
Minnesota West Coast Swing Club (WCS in St. Paul, MN)
Indy Swing Dance Club (WCS in Indianapolis, IN)
Swing 'n' Country (WCS and country dance in Chicago, IL)
MadCity Blues (blues dancing in Madison, WI)
Jumptown (Lindy Hop in Madison, WI)
Madison Dance Club (social dancing in Madison, WI)
USA Dance (ballroom dance in Madison)
BAM (Ballroom Association of UW-Madison)
Badger Ballroom Dance Team (UW-Madison ballroom competition team)
World Swing Dance Council (Swing Dance Registry)