Volunteer Rewards Policy
Charitable Solicitations Policy
Lesson Series Class Policy
Workshop Policy
Dance Policy
Instructor Policy
Website Linking Policy
DJ Policy
Mailing List Policy

Volunteer Rewards Policy


  • Get in free on Wednesday nights at the Brink (must check in with door worker).
  • Get in free at monthly dances (must check in with door worker).
  • Free meal and non-alcoholic beverage at board meetings.
  • Board members who arrive at 6:30 pm to help with set-up at monthly dances will get the pre-dance workshop for free.


  • Monthly dance: Get two “Swing Bucks” (SB) for each 15 minute shift worked.
  • Beginner lesson series: Get one SB for each 15 minutes worked. Two volunteers needed the first week of a series, but only one in following weeks. Arrive 20 minutes prior to lesson start-up and free to leave by 20 minutes prior to lesson end.
  • Weekly dance: Get one SB for each 15 minute shift worked.
  • Professional workshop weekend: Get one SB for each 15 minute shift worked.
  • Badger Bowl weekly box coordinator: Gets in free to dance that night (must check in with door worker).


  • DJ’s: Get in free to the dance that day (must check in with door worker).


  • Monthly Dance Set-up: Get into the pre-dance workshop for free that day (must check in with door worker).
  • Weekly Dance Set-up and Tear-down: Get into the dance for free that day (must check in with door worker).


  • Paid professional who is teaching a lesson series gets into monthly and weekly dances for free while teaching the lesson series (to encourage them to attend our events and dance with their students).
  • Volunteer lesson teachers & assistant: Get into the dance for free on the day they teach (must check in with door worker).

HOST: (Club member who volunteers to have a national or regional professional stay in their home.)

  • Host(s) will get into the dance and all workshops offered that weekend for free, up to $50 per event per member in the host household (must check in with door worker).
  • Get expenses reimbursed for food purchased or meals eaten out. For meals eaten out, the club will cover the price of the meal for the professional and the host/s only. Receipts must be provided to the treasurer and are subject to board approval.

PRIVATE LESSON HOST: (Club member who allows regional or national professionals to teach private lessons in their home in conjunction with a MWCSC workshop.)

  • Host/s will get into the dance and one workshop for free the day of hosting privates (must check in with door worker).

Note: “Swing Bucks” are volunteer currency utilized by the Madison West Coast Swing Club. “Swing Bucks” can be used to pay for dances, lessons, workshops, or other functions offered by the Madison West Coast Swing Club. “Swing Bucks” cannot be used to pay annual dues.

Last Updated by the MWCSC Board: February 2017

Other ways to volunteer:
Club Photography
Reposting events on your FB page
Distributing or posting advertising materials
Have a talent you think we could use? Come talk to us!

Charitable Solicitations Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the Board to follow when a Madison West Coast Swing Club member puts forth a request to use a club event to solicit funds for a charitable organization.

Policy: If a Madison West Coast Swing Club member wishes to use a club event (i.e., monthly dance) as a fundraiser for a charitable organization, s/he must submit an advance request to the Board of Directors. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Board. Approved fundraisers should follow the procedure outlined below.


  1. The organization must be a non-profit, charitable organization.
  2. The club may NOT promote the fundraising activity on any advertising flyers.
  3. The club member may establish a table inside the dance hall, away from the registration area, where s/he may display brochures related to the charitable organization.
  4. The club member may make an announcement regarding the fundraising activity at the beginning and during the club event. (The member would obviously be the best promoter of the charity.)

The Board of Directors should keep charitable solicitations to a minimum so that club activities do not become the "charity of the month." Solicitations should be kept very low key in order not to bombard members and leave them feeling forced to make donations.

If the fundraising activity is sponsored by the club (i.e., Toys for Tots) then these guidelines do not apply.

Last Updated by the MWCSC Board: June 2011

Lesson Series Class Policy

Beginners only: non-refundable and non-transferable. (Contact a MWCSC board member if extenuating circumstances—Example: Injury, illness, etc...)

Beginners only: no new participants in the second week.

Pre-paid lessons and workshops are non-transferable.

Members receive a registration discount if they repeat the beginner series. ($30 instead of $36 for the series).

Sister clubs get the member discount at all MWCSC events.

The instructors reserve the right to refuse a student admittance to a lesson. Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, prospective students who are tardy by 15 minutes or more will be refused admittance to the lesson.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: August 2016

Workshop Policy

When hosting professionals, we will "sweep the floor" prior to each workshop with an announcement that anyone who hasn't paid must now leave the room.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: September 2011

Dance Policy

After 9:30 pm, admission to monthly dance is free.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: September 2011

Instructor Policy

By law, we must obtain a W-9 form from any instructor who earns more than $600 per year from the club, so that we can supply them with a 1099 at the end of the year.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: September 2011

Website Linking Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Establish criteria for linking the MWCSC website with other sites.
  2. Establish a procedure to obtain Board approval for linking in a timely manner.

Policy: The Madison West Coast Swing Club website may be linked to any website which is dance-related or promotes a club event (dances, lessons, professionals, etc.). This is not meant to construe that the MWCSC endorses or promotes the contents, products or services of any website to which it is linked. Any active MWCSC member may propose a website link. The proposing member must obtain the approval of the Board of Directors as outlined in the procedure below.


  1. The proposing member is required to send an e-mail to all board members a minimum of one (1) calendar week prior to the time of the proposed link date. The e-mail will contain a description of the proposed website link and must include the web address so that board members may access the website prior to issuing their vote on the link.
  2. Board members will have one (1) calendar week, from the date the e-mail was sent, to respond with questions and/or issue their vote. Responses (questions and votes) will be e-mailed to all board members. If no negative votes are received, the board President may authorize the link.
  3. If there is a negative vote from any board member, the proposed link will be tabled until the following board meeting, at which time the issue will be discussed and voted on. A simple majority of the board members present will be adequate to carry or deny the proposed link.
  4. In order to maintain an accurate record of the transaction, the secretary will deposit a printout of the original e-mail proposing the link as well as the responses/votes from board members on the club computer as an electronic document.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: September 2011

Mailing List Policy

The MWCSC does not rent, sell, or loan its directory information or emailing list for any purpose. Announcements of general interest to club members may be made via official email channels with board approval, or by posting on the club Facebook page, or by placing an ad in the club newsletter.

Members can limit the type and amount of information provided for the club directory. Members agree as a condition of membership not to use club directory information for commercial use; it is provided solely to facilitate social contacts between members.

Any member who feels their information has been used improperly by another member should provide detailed information to the board for review and possible action.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: September 2011